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off just after midnight. >> we are honoring so many military personnel. >> reporter: dry hot conditions have led to a ban of fireworks. as wildfires continue to burn in new mexico the governor is practically begging residents. >> please do not purchase, do not sell and do not use fireworks. >> reporter: in afghanistan us service members celebrated america's birthday with cake. >> it is an honor to serve our country. >> reporter: it wouldn't be 4th of july without hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. in new york some people went a little overboard. joey chestnut scoffed down 62 hot dogs in ten minutes. he won his 5th straight nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. >> i came out here to win. >> reporter: in the first ever women's competition sonia thomas took home the title eating 40 hot dogs in ten
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minutes. >> i can eat something else later. home people line the streets here for the annual parade here on the 4th of july. the parade featured 17 marching bands from all over. there they are the ravens marching band. we had souped up cars, world war ii vets out there. hello, sir. thank you for your service. some parade goers tell us why they love going every year. >> really i like to come because of the police officers because i'm going to be a cop when i get over. i really like the officers. >> reporter: good for you, amber. >> and the marching bands. >> this is the 77th year of the parade. if you haven't selected where you will watch the fireworks we have plenty of options. the inner harbor, columbia, bell air, fullerton all preparing for the evening fireworks celebrations. to pick the best one for you
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log on to our website, to find the times, locations, everything 4th of july related to keep you safe and sound. if you are heading out today to barbecue or the fireworks show be sure to have a designated driver. not that guy. if you can't find one baltimore city wants to give you another option. they have the tipsy taxi service in force to get you home safe from your destination. today they are going to alternative free rides home to people in baltimore up to a value of $50. they will only pick you up at restaurants or bars. the program will run from 10 tonight to 4:00 in the morning. call 877963 taxi. we have the information on our website at and a lot of people couldn't wait for today to catch fireworks display. this one is in west chester
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county new york. it happened last night. tonight people are going to pack downtown baltimore to see the big fireworks show. will the show go on without any threat of a thunderstorm. here is wit with a look at the forecast. >> i can't say without any stretch but just a slight chance of a passing storm. we have hazy sunshine. look at the people packing things down here. it is warm. upper 80s right now. you can see down through millersville. almost 95 now in easton. we'll show you maryland's most powerful radar. there are no storms surrounding baltimore. further west there are storms in western maryland, cumberland towards frostburg and friendsville area. this is the area where we are seeing storms right now. optimistic that whatever storms continue to move west will dive south into virginia and miss most of our fireworks.
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the rest of this evening will go 80s. scattered storms to the west. warm and muggy. we'll talk about your back to work forecast coming up. let's talk money right now. in your money tonight working at the white house comes with some pretty good perks. you get to know the president. you might get a chance to ride on air force one and you have great health care. how about a six figure salary? >> reporter: white house staffers brings in $37 million a year in salaries. it takes 454 staffers to run the office and that doesn't count for butlers and chefs. the median salary is $70,000 a year. one out of every three people working at the white house make at least $100,000 a year. the maximum salary allowed is 172200. who makes that much? only the most recognizable
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staffers. john brennan, chief of staff and advisor and 17 others. six figures sounds like a pretty good salary. most of them gave up much higher paying jobs to work for the president. $172,000 is chump change for them. bill daily made $9 million at jp morgan. david may the made one and a half million at puff strategies. work figure the president sometimes increases their profitability more. guess who gets the top salary? president obama. the president makes about $400,000 a year. in new york i'm alison. fox reports. you decide if this is a cheap shot. hackers got into the network's twitter account and put out one of the worst stories of the year. shop lifting is on the rise. why do many feel that this is
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good news. wait until you hear this reason.
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♪ [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft,
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you can get that same cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra soft has extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ah. [ female announcer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. hackers posted fake news updates on the fox news
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politics account reporting that the president was assassinated. fox newses says the incident is under investigation right now. and the hacker group says it stole more than two dozen user names and passwords belonging to apple employees. the group tweeted about the breach last night posted the hacked information on their website. it is a group of hackers from the online vigilante groups anonymous. stay with me on this story. employee shop lifting is on the rise. experts say that points to good news for the economy. according to a national retail federation survey the spike in stealing suggests that the economy is on the upswing. the report shows retailers lost $37 billion last year from theft. analysts say it is likely because retail employees are more afraid of being caught and
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fired in a recession so they are less likely to steal. they are willing to take more risks when they have a better chance of finding a new job. that may be the dumbest report i have heard in a while. a nationwide crack down is coming for unemployment fraud for people collecting payment whose are never eligible or continue collecting payments. as the unemployment rate remains high states are stepping up efforts to stop fraud. from combat to the homefront the u s o is helping our service men and women heal and recover. plus if you are planning to throw burgers or dogs on the grill this summer we have apps that will help you sizzle.
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this day a good time to acknowledge the men and women who serve our country. as a new generation of veterans return home some with visible wounds more efforts are being made to make sure their homecoming and recovery are successful. >> reporter: master sergeant knows what it is like to shift from combat back to the homefront. >> checking out everything and everyone. so when you get into the mindset of a period of 6 or 7 months and then come back it is hard to down shift it very quickly. >> reporter: the two decade marine corvette ran has done it a number of times like so many members of the new generation of wounded warriors. >> this is one of the barics right here. >> reporter: like pieces of the transition puzzle this cluer includes barics, a resource center and a new hospital that will start seeing patients in august. >> there is more than just
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physically recovery, emotionally and socially with their families. >> reporter: here the u s o has broken ground on a wounded warrior and family center. the second in the us. the lighting, the floor material, the layout, the art of bringing the outside in all based on a premise of an architectture of healing. >> we have consulted with leading medical professionals on what colors and smells are the kinds of smells that are going to be most conducive to the broad process of healing. >> reporter: focusing on wounds that aren't always apparent to the eye but still need care, a process they won't have to face alone. >> all of these new wounded warriors and families may know is we are going to make sure that they are taken care of. >> reporter: in virginia i'm karen. >> and we have a heart warming homecoming on this independence day. two children are given a huge present and they are shocked when they found out what was in
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it. look at this. >> what's in there? >> daddy! >> gets me every time. unbelievable homecoming. their dad came back early and surprised all of his kids. the nation's military commanders are overseeing two wars in a no fly zone. it is in the national interest that when they are not on danger duty they work in comfort. rest assured they do in the first installment of the three part inside washington series john hendrop takes us through the corridor inside the pentagon. it's a fortress city into itself. >> we like to think of a small economy within a small city. >> reporter: the pentagon is the world's largest low rise
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office building, the ones the nation's military leaders never have to leave. patrick works for the pentagon mayor's office which oversees everything from the barber to the drugstore. >> shorts, crops. military style cuts. >> reporter: here there are a million donuts sold every year with a little under 25,000 employees: that means each has to eat 40 of these. there is a best buy, several clothing shops and a post office. the is even a d m v. >> the best part about it, no lines but you have to have one of these to get in. >> reporter: the troops can nog on fast food or linger over fine dining. and then there is the piece ro. it has been called the most dangerous hot dog stand.
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soldiers, sailors, air men and marines can choose from two credit unions and a bank. caught flowerless on valentine's day? no problem. >> if you're a wife and your husband works in the pentagon there is no excuse. >> reporter: it is handy for other holidays. i'm at the river entrance and there is one benefit to working here that nobody tells you about. on the 4th of july the best place in washington to watch the fireworks is right here. it is hardly compensation for repeat tours in iraq. if you return for duty here membership does have its privileges. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. changed the angle on our live camera. now looking north over -- actually south over federal hill. the fireworks will be coming up on curtis bay. people filling in atop the hill
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here. a lot of people down at harbor place. 87-degrees is what we have. humidity around 50%. it is muggy but not really a oppressively humid. it really depends where you are. just a little farther south muggy weather. hazy sunshine today and a lot of boat traffic on the bay. you know if you have a boat you head out now to see the best views of some of the fireworks around the area. annapolis another watery spot that just saw a lot of hazy sunshine throughout the afternoon. as we take a look at maryland's most powerful radar a couple of storms still firing. as we come out wider the only other area of unsettled weather besides way down in virginia is actually north of ocean city here up into the delaware beaches. people getting thunderstorm now. hopefully this will clear by later on this evening. temperatures hot. 90 or so in most spots. upper 80sss to the baltimore
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area westward. the humidity continues to push into southern maryland and then drier air creeping in. it is interesting. we have the dry line right across the state so the heat index value is 91 in dc. it was a steamy night on the mall. tonight looks generally storm free. tomorrow looking back to work. 88 in bells point. 90 in federal hill. should see sunshine mixed with clouds. better chances of more to what we see from the south, a better chance wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening. across the entire east coast it is interesting. most of the northeast cities and points south and east are dry. we have one cluster of storms that is going to spoil 4th of july plans in much of north carolina and virginia tonight. it is clipping western maryland tonight. it could bring in a stray shower this evening. most of us stay dry for most of the night.
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tuesday here we go. another round through virginia and north carolina as the boundary should stay just south of us. it is wednesday afternoon where it looks like we bring in another chance for showers and storms. we have to keep in the chance for a few showers or storms this evening. i think most of us dry. decent fireworks across most of the state including downtown. 90 tomorrow. mostly sunny. a little less humid through the day. i think the dry air will make it move into the state. we get muggier again and then looking at it on your seven day forecast just about what you always expect on that first full week of july in maryland. you know it is going to be hot, humid, temps up around 90 and really no big changes in sight. this is the part of summer where things tend to stay about the same. each day is a little different on the humidity. you are already into crabs today. how many have you had? >> i think i had about five of
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them. just getting warmed up. >> tonight on abc 2 news we are working for you. if your goal for this independence day is to grill the perfect steak or burger your smart phone may be the best helper at the barbecue. karen rounds up grilling apps. >> reporter: summer time and the grilling is easy if you use the hot apps served up. before you get the fire going ask the butcher app helps explain which cut is which. the one that best suits your culinary needs and tips and timers to cook it. the webers on the grill app highlights hundreds of classic recipes for pork, poultry and beef in addition to dozens of mare nades and rubs and creates grocery lists to help gather ingredients. grill it. an android and apple app from the website grilling companion
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lets you browse recipes for everything from beef to lamb to vegetables and seafood. if steak is in your bulls eye omaha steaks has an app aimed at you. the steak time app has basic grilling know how for the novice and recipes for the more ambitious cook as well as a timer to have each of your guests praising you have a job well done. coming up all new tonight at 6:00 your federal government's working while many of us have this 4th of july off. a plea by senator about the debt limit deadline that is looming. and a new policy is in effect when you send your kids off to camp this summer. who will be able to apply sun screen and why you need to give them an order to make sure that happens. here is a preview of what is ahead on world news at 6:30.
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spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. it shows there is courage because of what it stands for. >> there are going to be a lot
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more. >> each wearing pink earned an extra hundred dollars. the rodeo donated to the race for the cure. this baby hippo seems to have a knack for under water ballet. the five month old lives at the san diego zoo and its moves have become quite an attraction. he has made his performing debut on youtube. one more flip and then we'll go. no one likes getting a ticket in the mail. now scammers may be targeting you claiming you owe a fine. that story is coming up next at 6 which starts right now. now, abc 2 news at 6. they said the boy was lost. we are looking for the boy. >> a little boy lost at the water here found too late. the tragic story of a drowning death on this 4th of july. changes in maryland when it comes to sun screen being given
5:59 pm
at summer camp. the new guidelines that state officials say are less confusing and some of you are trying to kick the habit of smoking. using one popular prescription drug comes with a serious risk. >> there is something special about parades. what exactly it is i don't know. >> it is more than just a 4th of july parade for some. just ask this guy. we'll talk to a lot of you out there today. first county fire say that a young boy about 6 years old drowned this morning off the beach. witnesses say the boy was pulled from the south beach of the state park but it was too late. brian kuebler picks up our story from there. >> reporter: the life guards at sandy point state park are watching the water even closer now after a fatal drowning earlier this morning. thousands of people use these beaches on a holiday like

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